McDonald’s Temple Bar


McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland


Nos. 41-42 Temple Bar, Dublin 2


February 2011 – May 2015


The provision of a restaurant with ancillary take-away use in a building currently occupied by a restaurant with residential uses over.

Our Role

Tom Phillips + Associates (TPA) provided strategic planning advice to the Applicant and Design Team and served as the Agent for the ‘Parent’ and ‘Amendment’ Planning Applications and subsequent Appeal stages. Tom Phillips + Associates prepared and co-ordinated a detailed Planning and Environmental Report, which was submitted with the ‘Parent’ Application and included inter alia Economic, Conservation, Ecology, Noise, Waste and Traffic Impact Assessments.

Planning Outcome

Dublin City Council issued a Notification of Decision to Refuse Permission for the scheme on 2nd September 2011.
Following the making of a comprehensive First Party Appeal by TPA, the Board Decided to Grant Permission for the development on 28th May 2012. Condition No. 2 of the Board’s Permission imposed a three year limitation on the life of the permission.
On 1st August 2014, TPA submitted an ‘Amendment’ application to Dublin City Council on behalf of the Applicant, seeking permission for the permanent continuation of use of the building as a restaurant with ancillary take-away. On 25th September 2014, Dublin City Council issued a Notification of Decision to Grant Permission and a Final Grant issued on 5th November 2014.