Ballykea Solar PV Farm


JBM Solar Developments Limited


Ballykea and Tyrrelstown Big, Fingal, Co Dublin


February 2017 – July 2017


The Client sought to secure a 10-year planning permission for the construction of a 4MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Development on a site of c.13.3 ha, located 2km southwest of Loughshinny Village, Co Dublin (immediately west of the Dublin-Belfast rail line).

The development comprises the provision of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on ground mounted frames/support structures and includes associated underground cabling and ducting, inverter/transformer stations, HV cabin, communications and storage structures, substations, perimeter (stock proof) security fencing, CCTV security cameras, site access road, landscaping and all associated ancillary site development works.

Our Role

Tom Phillips + Associates (TPA) provided strategic planning advice to the Client and Project Team and led all aspects of the planning application process. This included the Planning and Environmental Report and project management and peer-review of expert inputs on Ecology, Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage, Archaeology, Traffic and Access including Outline Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP), Appropriate Assessment Screening, EIS Screening, Glint and Glare, and Landscape and Visual Impact.

The comprehensive application demonstrated that the location, nature and scale of the proposed development (including design measures to minimise its potential impacts) can be readily absorbed into the landscape without significant adverse impacts on the surrounding environment, residential amenity or European Sites.

Project Team Members: Hydro-Environmental Services Ltd (Flood Risk Assessment); Ecology Ireland (Ecology and Appropriate Assessment Screening); Transport Insights (Traffic and Transportation Assessment); IAC Archaeology (Archaeological Assessment); • MacroWorks (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and Glint and Glare Assessment); and Volta Project (Solar PV Designers).

Planning Outcome

The Application was lodged on 15th May 2017 and Fingal County Council granted planning permission for the development on 6th July 2017 subject to 21 No. Conditions.

Fingal County Council’s grant of planning permission confirms the finding that the proposal would be beneficial in terms of renewable energy production and will deliver a net planning and biodiversity gain.