Geospatial Analysis

GIS - Rev 1


Tom Phillips + Associates employ an in-house Geospatial Analyst, Hannah Breshears, who uses GIS software to identify potential development issues in the early phases of a project, translate complex planning realities to our clients through visualisation of geospatial assets and manage large-scale project datasets.

We use the latest GIS-software, ArcGIS Pro, as an investigative tool in complement to the typical planning appraisal process in order address all manner of planning and development issues without resorting to time-intensive manual research. As a result, arguments made with geospatial models are grounded in traditional planning knowledge as well as ancillary consultant data, which combine to create a clear and concise visual register of development possibilities.


Our industry-specific GIS capabilities include:

  • Data Visualisation incl. Planning, Landscape and Heritage Mapping

Description: Single issue feature maps for a proposed development site or area which showcase the relevant planning, landscape or heritage constraints or amenities for the site.

Example: Location of existing residential/hotel uses surrounding a potential development site.


  • Development Feasibility and Risk Analysis

Description: Map-based analysis which flags potential development issues for a subject site based on regional/local planning policy, zoning and neighbouring uses, environmental constraints, heritage sites, and other constraints.

Example: Heritage or environmental constraints in vicinity of potential development site.


  • Site Selection Surveys

Description: GIS-analysis and related briefing document which outlines the development potential of the subject site or area, based on pre-determined assessment criteria as agreed with the client.

Example: Identification and/or ranking of potential development sites along a transport corridor.


  • Database Design and Management

Description: Database needs assessment and server development.

Example: Creation or management of a projects server to showcase past and ongoing works for internal reference.


Sample GIS queries:

Query Type Sample Data Types
What zoned land is available within 500m of an existing or proposed high quality transport route for development as tourist accommodation? Irish Rail Routes

Existing and proposed LUAS Routes

Proposed Metro North Route

What commercial sites should be excluded from development consideration due to significant environmental risk? Natural Heritage Areas

Proposed Natural Heritage Areas

Special Protection Areas

Special Areas of Conservation

Which housing sites are more desirable for development with regard to existing amenities? Parks and Open Space

Schools and Universities

Places of Worship

Major Retail Centres

Pedestrian and Cycle Routes